Sue Pryke ceramics - design classics and future heirloom pieces you'll cherish

Sue Pryke ceramics - design classics and future heirloom pieces you'll cherish

Sue’s handmade homewares truly are investment pieces. They’re future heirlooms that won’t break the bank, and that is unusual for such quality, timeless ceramics.

I loved her work the moment I saw it and met her at a trade show in Harrogate in 2019 and we’ve stocked a range of vessels that are ideal for flowers and plants ever since.

I think Barbara Chandler, from The Evening Standard, sums up Sue’s work perfectly-

‘Understated, affordable, functional and elegant. Sounds easy but is very hard to achieve.  Designs that fit in rather than stand out…a true test of excellence. ‘

So, let’s discover more…

Sue Pryke in her ceramics studio

Her journey-

Her background is rooted in the crafts, having started in ceramics at a small pottery in Lincolnshire in the 1980’s, learning the basics that would lead to a long and successful career.

After graduation, her first job at Wedgwood was a wonderful place to begin a career in ceramics, steeped in history and with a rich heritage as inspiration.

Sue’s work as both an in-house and freelance designer for over 20 years for well known retailers and manufacturers honed those skills developed during her time at Wedgewood. She’s inspired by the everyday and the ordinary; in the material qualities, textures and the interaction we have with objects.  

And some may know her from her time as a judge on TV’s The Great Pottery Throwdown in 2020.

Sue Pryke vase range

Her method-

Sue and her team, working from her studio in Leicestershire designs then makes her ceramics using the slip casting method. It's an industrial process, using liquid clay, with each shape formed in a plaster mould and this means that it can be reproduced over and over again. 

But don’t be fooled, it’s a specialist technique and one of the most challenging ways of making ceramics! Sue favours this way of working to ensure that each shape is consistent, but it still relies on huge amounts of hand finishing on each individual piece.

Sue Pryle Oli vase

Collections & collaborations-

She has several collections to choose from including the Mr & Mrs Collection in collaboration with her husband John, and his company Wild + Wood.

Her design consultancy creates for big brands such as IKEA, M&S and Virgin as well as for many high end restaurants such as The Stratford in London, The Newt in Somerset and Edinburgh’s own Aizle.

To view her entire range visit her website Sue Pryke

 Sue Pryke tablescape

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