Spring flower stories... the joy of daffodils

Spring flower stories... the joy of daffodils

What is it about daffodils that inspire such positivity and happiness in us all?

It's probably a combination of their jolly yellow colour and that the sight of them reminds us that Spring is here and the promise of longer. lighter days with Summer not far off.

Daffodils, botanical name Narcissus, are familiar sights growing wild on road sides and in city parks and in our gardens. Bright yellow, primrose yellow, pale cream, intense orange trumpets, white... there are so many beautiful varieties.

Terracotta pot with daffodils

They are particularly wonderful in terracotta pots, and for a Spring flush on your patio, doorstep or a cool windowsill indoor, the bulbs need to be planted in Autumn, ideally September or October.

But if you haven't planted  in the Autumn, then in Spring simply buy bulbs already brought on in pots at a garden centre, florist or supemarket and transplant them on into your terracotta pots. We always have a selection outside our shop of Spring bulb plants ready to do exactly this and then you can enjoy the flowers with no need to be super organised the Autumn before! (And of course you can also enjoy daffodils as cut flowers in a vase indoors).

We adore the Danish brand Bergs Potter and have stocked a range of their wonderful pots for years, so this month we share an inspirational post from their Journal, all about creating beautiful potted displays of gorgeous daffodils.

Read Dazzling Daffodils here and you'll be inspired to create your own and smile for the rest of the day...guaranteed! 

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