Our top 10 tips to make the most impact with your wedding flowers budget

Our top 10 tips to make the most impact with your wedding flowers budget

Flowers are not just about adding a pop of colour to your day. They have the power to transform a space and accentuate clothing with their wonderful textures, scale, movement and of course, their colour.
They are an essential part of any wedding, and the impact your flowers have on the day and for helping shape those special memories cannot be underestimated.
Although undoubtedly a major element of your day, they need not be a financial burden. With careful planning and creativity, you can achieve beautiful wedding flowers that reflect your style and vision while keeping to a budget.

So, with wedding season underway, we’d like to share our ideas to help you make informed decisions that make the most of your floral budget.

1. Choosing seasonal blooms:
Seasonal flowers are not only fresher but also more affordable as they are abundantly available.
We ensure flowers are in season during your wedding month and prioritise them in your arrangements. They also make everything look ‘right’, that’s the best way to explain it. They help create a sense of place and time

2. Including locally grown flowers:
Local blooms are often plentiful during Summer and Autumn and their scent and uniqueness not to mention their lower environmental footprint make them a great choice.


3. Focus on the key floral elements:
Identify the most important floral elements for your wedding, such as the bridal party bouquets, ceremony flowers, and reception table centres. Then concentrate your spending on the areas where you spend the most time during your day.
Allocate a larger portion of your budget to these focal points while keeping other floral details more minimal.

4. Mix higher and lower cost flowers and foliage:
Combine expensive blooms sparingly with more affordable flowers and foliage to create visually stunning arrangements that create volume without overspending. For example, using beautiful garden roses for your bouquets only and maybe one in each table centre.
As your florist we’ll be sure to carefully plan this element.

5. Repurpose ceremony flowers:
This is key if you are to maximise their use and value. The ceremony, although the most important aspect of the day, is usually the smallest element in terms of time.
For example, aisle arrangements can be moved to decorate the reception and altar arrangements can decorate the top table or a fireplace mantel.

6. DIY some elements:
Consider DIYing simpler floral elements like smaller table vases and enlist the help of friends and family to assemble arrangements the day before the wedding. Then ask your florist to supply buckets of flowers for these DIY elements but create the most important or complex pieces such as your bouquet and wired corsages for example.


7. Introduce non-floral elements:
Incorporate candles, lanterns and other items to create tablescapes with interest but which are not floral heavy. These can add texture and visual interest while reducing the need for additional blooms. For example, lots of simple bud vases with candles set at different heights.

8. Choose options where vases are included:
These are the most planet friendly, more cost effective than arrangements in hired glassware and ceramic and can also be given to guests as favours to take home, so bringing in an element of repurposing again.

9.Consider Potted Plants:
Instead of cut flowers, consider using potted plants or succulents as table centres.
Potted plants are also memorable favours for guests to take home and continue growing after the wedding.

10. Consider a floral package:
Most florists have a package or fixed price per item option so you know exactly where you stand at the outset in terms of cost, rather than bespoke options which require a higher minimum budget investment and vary considerably from wedding to wedding and according to the theme or aesthetic.
We offer our Wedding Party Floral collection as a fixed price per item option which is ideal for smaller to medium sized weddings and where it’s vitally important to you to stick to a budget whilst not compromising on style or quality.

With careful planning, you can stretch your wedding flowers budget without sacrificing aesthetics, style, quality or elegance, and have flowers for your wedding day that are truly memorable.

To find out more about our wedding flowers options, please visit our Weddings page here.



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