The Art of Coorie

Coorie- a Caledonian Hygge?


We’ve all heard of Hygge- there are countless books and magazine articles on this Danish concept- a term for cosiness and comfort that promotes wellbeing and contentment.

Now it seems, there’s a word for a very similar Scottish lifestyle concept, coined by Gabriella Bennett in her new book; Coorie- How to live Happy the Scottish Way- which also has its basis, like Hygge, in achieving wellbeing through cosy interiors, warmth and conviviality.

It’s not surprising really that us inhabitants of colder climates, seek to create a cosiness and comfort inside whilst embracing our wild weather and landscapes. And to most Scots of a certain age, coorie-in, is a familiar term our grandparents used to signal an affectionate cuddle in, and coorie-down, to crouch and shelter from the elements. It’s a fantastic word and very satisfying to say out loud!

In her book, Bennett applies the idea to almost every aspect of Scottish life; one where Coorie is about making the most of Scotland and what she has to offer to feel satisfied and happy.  It’s an interesting book and certainly an idea a lot of us will warm to as we plunge into another Scottish Winter. And the book makes a brilliant gift for all those who have a love Scotland and a keen interest in lifestyle and interiors.

So, what does Bennett suggest Coorie is as a way of life? Here’s three main ideas-

  • Keep things Scottish where possible. Choose things grown here, made here and support local independent businesses. Community is everything so nurture and support it.
  • Respect our history and culture but modernise as we go. Tartan, tweed, whisky and shortbread- fantastic! Just embrace our creativity and move away from stereotypes.
  • Don’t fear the cold, love the outdoors. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing!

 And what about Coorie at home?  It’s all about maximising comfort and warmth and feeling content with our surroundings. We all want to snuggle in to a comfy sofa, with piles of soft cushions, a great book and a candle burning. Introduce new items to your home which are well made and that you will cherish- either made yourself, gathered, or bought-  gorgeous knitwear, home textiles, candles, comforting food and drink, plants and flowers that bring the outside in, great books to snuggle up with and precious items that make you want to stay at home and admire. Coorie does not need to cost a fortune and nor should it.

We have lots of great shopping ideas in-store to create your very own Coorie, including Gabriella Bennett's book. And fellow independents in Bruntsfield; Nordic Living and Biscuit have a great range of items too...Bruntsfield really is a fantastic neighbourhood to browse and shop.

So, light the fire, invite round your nearest and dearest and coorie-in!


          Ferm Living candle holder from Nordic Living

          Tartan Blanket Co blanket from Biscuit



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