Beautiful ways to fragrance your home this Spring

Beautiful ways to fragrance your home this Spring


We all love to bring a botanical freshness to our living and work spaces in Spring and Summer, whether that be through the plants and flowers we have inside or what we use to fragrance our spaces.

Fragrance is powerful in so many ways ... it can:

  • create a mood and ambiance, for example fresh in Spring, cosy in the Autumn or festive come December.
  • evoke a memory - that garden you sat in on holiday with a drink, the beach walk with the beautiful flowers and sea air…
  • influence our feelings and mindset and aromatherapy really taps into this aspect, for example energising and uplifting fragrances help us be productive, grounding scents when we need peace and relaxation and fragrances that induce calm to help us to prepare for sleep.

So here are our tips for a fragrant Spring!

Eucalyptus foliage is at its best just now and has a beautiful subtle fresh, green fragrance. Fill a vase with mixed varieties. If you like a a touch of floral prettiness just add in some beautiful lemon scented waxflowers.


Spring flowers are wonderfully scented, particularly hyacinths, narcissi, mimosa, and lilac. A vase of mixed Spring flowers is so pretty and if you include some fragrant varieties it’s even better. Another option is a bowl of potted Spring bulbs.

Use essential oils to suit the mood you’re in or what you’ll be doing. Just add a few drops to water and diffuse in a candle oil burner or electric diffuser. If you’re confident with oils or know what you love then mix your own and if you prefer a blend already mixed then go for those. New in this month we have beautiful oil blends and an electric misting diffuser from Ela Life.


Scented candles are a must have for any time of year but come Spring and Summer we yearn for fresher lighter scents -floral, ozonic, citrus and herbal notes all work well. So, swap out your woody, spicy candles, and pack them away until Autumn and replace with your seasonal favourites. We have a fantastic range of scented candles at all different price points, including a wonderful new luxury brand for us – Ruth Mastenbroek Perfumer and new scents from our old favourites.

Here's a selection below, all are perfect for Spring!

Ruth Mastenbroek Rebel County, a wonderful coastal inspired complex fragrance with Lemon Balm, Wild Herbs, Amber, Driftwood, Irish Oak & White Musk

St Eval Sea Salt, an uplifting ozonic and citrus scent reminiscent of the ocean.

Freight HG Rosemary & Wildflowers, a beautiful fresh herbal floral.

Hazel & Blue Revive & Uplift an energising herbaceous and citrus super charger!

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