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Beautiful autumnal flowers are starting to make an appearance in our Edinburgh shop

Well, …summer is almost over and all the team here at Snapdragon are looking forward to the transition into autumn and all the lovely things that bring for us the flower and candle lovers! Nothing demonstrates this better than these two handties made in the shop this week…

Flowers which feel quite summery in colour and style are available practically all year round now with modern growing and transportation methods, but it is possible to give a slightly different feel to this soft-toned hand-tied bouquet with the addition of some interesting foliage which begins to appear about now. For this one, we’ve used gorgeous reddish-pink Italian flowering Populus…

Autumnal Colours

Autumnal colours will become very popular over the coming weeks- look at how warm this hand-tied bouquet looks with the rusty tones of the chrysanthemum blooms (which remind us of exploding fireworks!) and the most amazing hydrangea bloom- just one is all that’s needed to lift a bunch of flowers out of the ordinary.

Lots of exciting products to come!

Here at Snapdragon Edinburgh, we love our candles and diffusers almost as much as our flowers! We’ve had a sort out of all our stock this week, ready for the new arrivals. Things look neat and tidy and there’s now a little space for our favourite hydrangea blooms on the tester table! There will be all our usual favourites coming back but we’ll add in some new and heart-warming autumn and winter fragrances… And of course festive and spicy Christmas scents… Watch this space!

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